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We train the new generation of leaders in the region

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As highlighted in Forbes Ecuador
Jodie and Carmen are two sisters from Guayaquil,... they lead Líderes Hub, a network that promotes leadership training. "Líderes Hub is more adapted to the current context... we are going to offer specialized leadership programs and we are going to diversify that line" explains Jodie.

The world requires citizens and professionals committed to creating a positive social impact, for which we are called to lead. But who leads? who are leaders? Contrary to what most might think, although there are born leaders, leadership is one more skill that we can all learn, develop and perfect. What do you need to lead? Our programs are based on scientific evidence and experiences of leaders ready to guide you and become your mentor.

Programa de Liderazgo Equitativo 2022
Programa de Liderazgo Equitativo 2022
Programa de Liderazgo Competitivo 2023
Programa de Liderazgo Competitivo 2023
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The Equitable Leadership Program trains professionals in the leadership of an organizational culture that promotes innovation, competitiveness and creativity. Equitable leadership is understanding and correctly managing inclusion, equity and diversity in any work activity.

With the support of Inspira Ecuador, US Embassy EC

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