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Competitive Leadership Program is a program created to give you the basic knowledge about "competitiveness", that is, to train you as a leader who knows how to differentiate your project, business or professional activity. This knowledge can be applied to lead in the public, private sector, NGOs or civil society organizations.

This is the first hybrid and free program that certifies promoters of competitiveness in the workplace, created by national and international experts in collaboration with Inspira Ecuador from the Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Ecuador.


People who successfully complete the program will receive a professional certificate issued by an Ecuadorian Higher Education Institution. Additionally, this program has the guidance of experts from the Harvard Business School MOC Global Competitiveness Network.

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With the international support of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, a program funded by the US Department of State, IREX organization, as well as the support of the International Center of Journalists of Washington, DC.

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Competitiveness and innovation are the key to the survival of organizations in a changing and unpredictable context

Competitive Leadership Program - 1st Edition

Today's world requires understanding, learning new concepts and better ways to differentiate our professional profile, especially if we learn to better lead our projects or businesses. Make competitiveness (competitive advantage) your ally and become a member of our Competitive Leaders Network.


If you are a man or woman, resident of Ecuador with experience of at least 3 years in leadership positions (entrepreneur, business leader, project or community leader) apply to win a full scholarship in this hybrid program created together with experts from the Global Network of Competitiveness from Harvard Business School.

In this edition we will have a hybrid modality, so you must:
- Review virtual content
- Attend face-to-face classes in Guayaquil (2 Saturdays in March and graduation to take place in May)

People who successfully complete the program will receive a professional certificate issued by the ECOTEC University, where the face-to-face classes will be taught.


We will once again have the support of the Guayaquill Mayor's Office for Women. This is the first Women's Directorate at the country level, and which was born in a pandemic context, for the implementation of projects with a gender focus. Their role will be to provide equalization to the participating women for the additional challenges they face as women leaders and to ensure equal participation in the program.

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Our scholars and mentors will be able to receive various gifts from Inspira Ecuador, Líderes Hub and our sponsors.

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We thank our communication partners for being part of our initiative:

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Program Creators
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Jodie Padilla-Lozano
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Expert in Gender Parity, Digital Transformation and Innovation

Founder of Líderes Hub, "Inspira Leader" of Guayaquil 

Pablo Collazzo - Austria (1).png

Expert in Competitiveness and Finance

University professor in Vienna, Austria and principal member of the Harvard Competitiveness Network.

Carmen Padilla Lozano
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Expert in Sustainability and Competitiveness

Director of the SINDE of the Catholic University and Member of the Global Competitiveness Network of the Harvard Business School

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Jodie Padilla, Pablo Collazzo and Carmen Padilla are responsible for creating this specialized training in competitiveness. They are international speakers, university professors, and have had the opportunity to work in the public and private sectors, NGOs, and civil society organizations.

With a strong link to academic training and scientific research in the United States, they created this practical program to provide their fellows with the necessary foundation on their way to becoming promoters of competitiveness and innovation.


Harvard Business School, Boston MA, 2022

First Edition Experts

Pablo Collazzo

With training in law and economics, plus postgraduate studies at Boston University (MBA) and ESADE (PhD). Recognized in the Harvard Competitiveness Network "Hall of Fame" by Michael Porter

José Sagarnaga

Clinical Assistant Professor, Wilbur Department of Business and Ann Powers College of Business, Clemson University. President of the International Team of the Governor of Oklahoma, USA.

Adriana Bonomo

Adjunct Professor at the Ithaka Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Faculty of Business Sciences   of the Catholic University of Uruguay. He is a country leader for the “Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students' Survey”.

Connie Jiménez

Governor of the Province of Los Ríos, since August 2022. She is an Agribusiness Administration Engineer, graduated from the Zamorano University of Honduras, and an MBA, with a mention in International Relations from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He was born and raised in Ventanas. In 2016 she won the title of Miss Ecuador

Jose Antonio Hidalgo

Executive Director of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE). Vice President of Cordex. He is a Master in International Relations graduated from the University of Peking, China. He is co-founder of the company Annex Asia Sourcing & Asia Surveyors. He was a Professor at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil

Allison Romo

Allisson Romo, founder of Roots Natural Cosmetics, is an "Inspira Ecuador" alumni, participating in the YLAI - Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2022 program. She has more than 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has managed to sell her products in the US market.

Carmen Padilla

Doctor in Strategic Business Administration. Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation INECEM, UCSG. Professor affiliated with the Global Competitiveness Network at Harvard Business School.

Jodie Padilla

Founder of Leaders Hub. Inspire leader in Guayaquil of the alumni community of the Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Ecuador. Member of the World Economic Forum Network.

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With testimonials from:

Vivianne Almeida

She presides over the first Directorate of Women (Mayor's Office of Guayaquil) of a Municipality of Ecuador. Previously, he was Manager of Plan Internacional Guayas.

Paola Andrade

Recipient of the UNICEF Medal: Champion for Children in 2022. Winner of the prestigious United Nations SDG AWARDS 2022 Award, among 150 countries. UN Women Ambassador.

Catalina Vera

Scholar of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the World Labor Organization (ILO). University professor at ESPOL and facilitator of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for her experience at ÉPICO.

Conference: "Competitive Leadership"

All people who applied or who have not yet applied but are interested in participating in the 1st Edition of the Competitive Leadership Program are invited to attend the International Webinar with the participation of PhD. Piero Morosini from Perú, who will talk to us about the importance of applying Competitive Leadership in the current context.

Piero is a renowned management speaker with PhD studies at The Wharton School, United States, as well as training at Harvard, NYU in New York and the Institute of Intercultural Communication in Oregon.

The transmission will be made from the Líderes Hub YouTube Channel.

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